I’m finished!


Yes, I’m finished with my rough draft.  Isn’t that nice?  Or actually, isn’t that a piece of crap?  My sister calls it her vomit version (which isn’t that far from the truth.)celebration

Now that it’s finished, I’ve put it off to the side and it will remain like that until March.  I want to give it a rest until I actually look at it once again to see just how bad it really is.

Right now the word count is a little over 92K words.  No telling how much bigger it’ll get once I start doing the grand re-write.



Sorry about not posting.  Real life worms its way into the blogsphere on many occasions.  Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten this space.

The good news is that I’m still writing!

changes and updates

Don’t you just hate it when everything is going fine and then a program forces you to update to their “new and improved” versions?  Most of the time it’s not new and improved.  It’s more like they don’t want to deal with the old version and think they know best.

Take for instance Windows Live Mail.  I’ve used this particular mail client for several years.  It’s been handy in that it was free and I could have a calender in front of me at all times to keep me reminded of what’s coming up.  Microsoft got rid of that, along with their messenger.  They combined their messenger with skype (I’ve got a friend who’s been complaining a lot telling them that it’s cumbersome and difficult to deal with.

With Windows Live Mail not available anymore I had to pull up my 2007 version of outlook.  It took me at least two days to get that thing up and running.  As of right now it’s finally working.  I still don’t like how the calender is not right there infront of me, though it does have one.

I guess what I’m really doing is whining that things have changed and are forever changing.