As Americans (which I am one) get ready to gorge on turkey and American football, I do wish to ponder on why we hold the holiday as we do.

The media has a difficult time in dealing with it.  So much so that there’s little between Halloween and Christmas (at least the commercialization of the two days).  How can you commercialize being thankful for friends and family?  I think that’s the reason why they try to rush the masses past the day and into Black Friday.  The retailers state that they’re doing it for the people, but it’s really for the almighty dollar, or pound, or euro, or peso.

The real question is what are we truly thankful for?  I can clearly state several.  My job (which isn’t writing, but I do wish it were so!), a roof over my head, friends, family… Right now I’m waiting for the turkey to be done and then I’ll be heading over to see more family members.

So, on this holiday that the media doesn’t know how to deal with, I wish everyone to have a good Thanksgiving and remember what you are really thankful for.