Why did I pick such a twisted subject, or time period, to write about?  Every time I access something on the web I find that there’s more behind the machinations of the people during this particular time period than is humanly possible.

I could be researching this subject for years and still not find everything there is to know about it.

So I ask once again, why?

Am I just a glutton for punishment?



Now that I’ve got your attention, I wanted you to know that if you’re writing a story that has a real person in it, and you’re as true to history as you can get, it is the hardest thing you will ever do.  You have to research everyone involved to make sure that you have the person in the right place at the right time, or you will have to scrap the scene (which really isn’t fun at all).

What I mean is that writing anything that’s historical in nature and trying to remain true is the hardest thing you will ever do.  I only hope that in the end I will do justice to the men and women I’m writing about.

update and such

Okay, so I’m still doing the first revision (where I’ll fix all the obvious stuff that I missed the first time around).  I’ve also started looking at where I could go shopping what I’ve done.  I might look at the big five, but I’m not that sure about it.  I’ve heard horror stories which makes me a bit leery with them.

Right now those big five book publishers are:

  • Hachette Book Group
  • HarperCollins
  • MacMillian Publishers
  • Penguin Random House (used to be separate before they merged)
  • Simon and Schuster

Not to mention the genre publishing houses such as Tor (for science fiction) Holman Publishers (Christian literature along with Bibles), and Taylor (publishes school yearbooks).

Then there’s all the small publishers that are more open to taking a first book from a writer, which is what I’ve been thinking about.  Self publishing is good, but I’m also of the mind to see if I can go it the traditional route.  If it ends up being a small press, then why am I to complain?


revision:  31,169 of 100,000ish


Yes, I’ve reached the point of having to begin creating a pitch for my novel.  My critique group has homework, and that’s to create a 1 sentence, 1 paragraph, and 2 paragraph pitches.  You never know when you’re going to need something like that.

People always state that the one sentence pitch is the hardest.  I guess I’m not normal in for me that was the easiest thing to put down.  It also makes me wonder if my overall story is too convoluted for its own good?

I know I haven’t posted anything about my story here, it’s because I’m still working on it.  At least I’m almost half finished with it being close to 40K words.

show vs tell

I met up with my critique group once again.  We had a full group this time and lots of stuff to discuss and critique.

Mr. Nasty has made his appearance.  🙂

I am trying to write every day, but at the same time I’m packing to move to a new place.  It makes things difficult.  Not only that, I picked up a Christmas angel from my church and need to shop for him.

I did send my first couple of chapters to a friend to see what she thought about it.  She’s seen my early work and knows of my overall improvement.  I haven’t reached the million word yet, but I think I’m getting close to that.  I mention that because yesterday I looked at something I wrote back in 2009.  I was shocked because it’s like 95% telling, 4% info dump and maybe 1 % showing.  It’s really difficult showing rather than telling, but after hearing Lori Wolfe read a short scene with it telling and then showing helped a whole lot.

A few other things.  I’m debating on when to start a professional facebook page and twitter account.  I haven’t done it yet, but I figure it’ll be sooner rather than later.

One other thing.  I’m over 19K words now  😀


I haven’t been very good the last few days with my writing schedule.  Maybe it’s because I’m finishing up my classes (homework is due by December 13th).  *shrugs*.

Then again, starting a habit is always difficult.

The one good thing I have done is to do major revisions of what I’ve written so far.  I still consider myself to be on my first draft.  It’ll be like that until the manuscript is finished.  Only then will I launch into the full revisions and such.

What I don’t like is the arrival of a nasty character.  *shudders*.  Mean, nasty and full of resentment.  Now I gotta figure out how to work his storyline into everything.  I probably just doubled the size of the manuscript.   And then there’s research.   😉  Gotta do more research on issues and possible duels, yup a duel, and such.  Who knows what’ll happen.


writer’s conference update

I had a wonderful time at the local writer’s conference.  There are many things I will be able to take out of it.  And the keynote speaker, Lori Wilde was really good.  I maybe writing in a different genre than she is, but one never knows where they’ll get that little tidbit of information that will help either getting the writing going, or to continue it.

Conferences are like dancing or practicing a musical instrument.  One can never have too much basic lessons.  Either practicing those boring scales in music, or those basic steps in dancing.  I hope the other writers out there keep up with the writing seminars and classes.

I’m actually considering taking a couple of creative writing classes come spring.  All the writing classes I took while in school was for advanced expository writing.  That’s a completely different kettle of fish compared to creative writing.  And to think what I’ve learned is all from doing it on a consistent basis.