work and various stuff surrounding it

Ever since I got a new manager where I work I found out that I had the possibility of working from home.  Sounds awesome, right?

The problem is that the desktop I have, especially where I lived at the time, was too far away from the modem and the ethernet cords I had weren’t long enough.  So here comes the nasty weather the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex had back in December last year.  At that point I had no internet and no tv (I hadn’t broken down and purchased a set of rabbit ears).  All I had was the radio and my lap top for writing.

I talked to a few people after my enforced sabbatical and they all basically said they’d die if they didn’t have internet.  I was actually kinda glad because it was so peaceful and quiet and, more importantly no distractions whatsoever!

Okay, today I finally went BestBuy and got myself a 50 foot ethernet cord.  They had a 25 foot one, but I wasn’t sure if that’d be long enough.  If anything, err on the side of having too much cord (which I ended up having).  Okay, I plugged the computer in, but I couldn’t access the internet.

I went online with my internet provider for over an hour trying to figure it out.  It was only after the fact that I realized that the old desktop had the professional version of XP.  That meant I had to let the system know that the remote desktop was to be accessed.

I accessed that icon and then tried to log in.  Still didn’t work.  After a few tries I tried using a different “slash”.

Voila!  I’m able to access my work server and now work from home if there’s nasty weather.

I never thought I’d be more happy than just being able to access the work server.