writer’s conference update

I had a wonderful time at the local writer’s conference.  There are many things I will be able to take out of it.  And the keynote speaker, Lori Wilde was really good.  I maybe writing in a different genre than she is, but one never knows where they’ll get that little tidbit of information that will help either getting the writing going, or to continue it.

Conferences are like dancing or practicing a musical instrument.  One can never have too much basic lessons.  Either practicing those boring scales in music, or those basic steps in dancing.  I hope the other writers out there keep up with the writing seminars and classes.

I’m actually considering taking a couple of creative writing classes come spring.  All the writing classes I took while in school was for advanced expository writing.  That’s a completely different kettle of fish compared to creative writing.  And to think what I’ve learned is all from doing it on a consistent basis.