Why did I pick such a twisted subject, or time period, to write about?  Every time I access something on the web I find that there’s more behind the machinations of the people during this particular time period than is humanly possible.

I could be researching this subject for years and still not find everything there is to know about it.

So I ask once again, why?

Am I just a glutton for punishment?

work and various stuff surrounding it

Ever since I got a new manager where I work I found out that I had the possibility of working from home.  Sounds awesome, right?

The problem is that the desktop I have, especially where I lived at the time, was too far away from the modem and the ethernet cords I had weren’t long enough.  So here comes the nasty weather the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex had back in December last year.  At that point I had no internet and no tv (I hadn’t broken down and purchased a set of rabbit ears).  All I had was the radio and my lap top for writing.

I talked to a few people after my enforced sabbatical and they all basically said they’d die if they didn’t have internet.  I was actually kinda glad because it was so peaceful and quiet and, more importantly no distractions whatsoever!

Okay, today I finally went BestBuy and got myself a 50 foot ethernet cord.  They had a 25 foot one, but I wasn’t sure if that’d be long enough.  If anything, err on the side of having too much cord (which I ended up having).  Okay, I plugged the computer in, but I couldn’t access the internet.

I went online with my internet provider for over an hour trying to figure it out.  It was only after the fact that I realized that the old desktop had the professional version of XP.  That meant I had to let the system know that the remote desktop was to be accessed.

I accessed that icon and then tried to log in.  Still didn’t work.  After a few tries I tried using a different “slash”.

Voila!  I’m able to access my work server and now work from home if there’s nasty weather.

I never thought I’d be more happy than just being able to access the work server.


The hardest thing is getting back into a habit I had.  My original goal was to write around 700 words per day.  I’ve been having problems because of other things that needed to be done.

Finishing classes and graduating.

Critiquing work from my writing group.

And then there was moving.  Though for a time I had no tv and internet.  I got a butt load of writing done.  Maybe I should turn the radio and tv off on the weekends.  I might get more writing done.