If there was one good thing that came out of the writer’s conference, is that I’m finally on an actual schedule.  Can you believe it?

I’m finally on an honest to goodness schedule!

My goal, is to write 700 words a day (approximately two pages).  Yeah, I know it’s not much, but it’s better than being lazy and doing stuff I shouldn’t be doing, like writing!

I started it yesterday and have already written 1050 words.
Yeah, compared to nano, it’s piddlins.  But hey, like I mentioned earlier, it’s better than nothing at all.

One thing I blame it on is my homework.  My last class is November 17th, and all the homework will be due in 30 days.  They want it all in to make sure that I’ll graduate.  Yes, it’s a school where you turn in homework, but don’t get graded for it.  Isn’t that awesome?

Actually, it’s quite terrifying… And if you knew what it was you’d think “why so terrifying?”.  It’s because of what it signifies.  At least after that I can write a whole lot more.  And maybe, just maybe I can do nano next year.  My sister did that and found out that she could get it done, even while visiting family for Thanksgiving.

What do you guys think?  Maybe I should write more than 700 words a day?  For me that takes about an hour (well, it did today).


writer’s conference update

I had a wonderful time at the local writer’s conference.  There are many things I will be able to take out of it.  And the keynote speaker, Lori Wilde was really good.  I maybe writing in a different genre than she is, but one never knows where they’ll get that little tidbit of information that will help either getting the writing going, or to continue it.

Conferences are like dancing or practicing a musical instrument.  One can never have too much basic lessons.  Either practicing those boring scales in music, or those basic steps in dancing.  I hope the other writers out there keep up with the writing seminars and classes.

I’m actually considering taking a couple of creative writing classes come spring.  All the writing classes I took while in school was for advanced expository writing.  That’s a completely different kettle of fish compared to creative writing.  And to think what I’ve learned is all from doing it on a consistent basis.

Writer’s conferences

Next weekend I’ll be attending a free writer’s conference.  I think it’ll be really cool.  I believe one can never attend too many conferences.  I see playing a musical instrument, or dance lessons the same way.  One can never have enough of the basics.