I had so much fun last night.  I went to a friend’s house for games and a World Series game.  It was nice being with my critique members and not doing the critique thing.  What’s also nice is that I’ve made friends from this.

Another thing that was nice was that it’s given me a couple of good ideas for the upcoming luncheon I need to write.  It’s surprising where your ideas come from.


My first posting.  Yay!!


Nothing happening with me so far.  Still working on my story, and will be for a while.  I did get my business cards.  They look really, really nice.


Right now the story I’m working on is a historical fiction based in the regency period.  I’ve got four chapters done and am trying to work on the next one.  You know, writing a funeral is hard.  At least I have a good copy of the Book of Common Prayer.

*sigh* the things we do for research.

I’d really love to go to Williamsburg to check out Bruton Parish Church.  Williamsburg is the only “village” we have in the States that’s from the regency era.


Stay tuned!