I’m finished!

Yes, I’m finished with my rough draft.  Isn’t that nice?  Or actually, isn’t that a piece of crap?  My sister calls it her vomit version (which isn’t that far from the truth.)celebration

Now that it’s finished, I’ve put it off to the side and it will remain like that until March.  I want to give it a rest until I actually look at it once again to see just how bad it really is.

Right now the word count is a little over 92K words.  No telling how much bigger it’ll get once I start doing the grand re-write.


work and various stuff surrounding it

Ever since I got a new manager where I work I found out that I had the possibility of working from home.  Sounds awesome, right?

The problem is that the desktop I have, especially where I lived at the time, was too far away from the modem and the ethernet cords I had weren’t long enough.  So here comes the nasty weather the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex had back in December last year.  At that point I had no internet and no tv (I hadn’t broken down and purchased a set of rabbit ears).  All I had was the radio and my lap top for writing.

I talked to a few people after my enforced sabbatical and they all basically said they’d die if they didn’t have internet.  I was actually kinda glad because it was so peaceful and quiet and, more importantly no distractions whatsoever!

Okay, today I finally went BestBuy and got myself a 50 foot ethernet cord.  They had a 25 foot one, but I wasn’t sure if that’d be long enough.  If anything, err on the side of having too much cord (which I ended up having).  Okay, I plugged the computer in, but I couldn’t access the internet.

I went online with my internet provider for over an hour trying to figure it out.  It was only after the fact that I realized that the old desktop had the professional version of XP.  That meant I had to let the system know that the remote desktop was to be accessed.

I accessed that icon and then tried to log in.  Still didn’t work.  After a few tries I tried using a different “slash”.

Voila!  I’m able to access my work server and now work from home if there’s nasty weather.

I never thought I’d be more happy than just being able to access the work server.

blows off the dust

It’s been a while since I was last here.  Sorry everyone!  Lots of stuff going on.  I went on a cruise vacation the last week in October.  I had never been to Florida before, so I thought it was kinda neat sailing out of Miami.  

leaving Miami
leaving Miami

Remember this, if you choose to go on a cruise the last week in October prepare for the Halloween costume party.  It gets crazy, then again it might have been like that because the cruise line I chose was Carnival.Superman!


I digress, though the pictures do look fun, don’t they?

The other thing I’m having to deal with now is that I’m having to pack and move again.  Since I’ve been out on my own I’ve been living in apartments.  I’m also paying off my student loans.  I have about three years left to go before that’s finished (I thought it was two, but I miscalculated).  Think of it, I haven’t missed a single payment.  Once it’s paid off, along with my car at about the same time it’ll be like having an extra week’s pay (won’t that be nice?)  Anywho, I gotta move again because the complex I moved to last year is hiking my rent majorly.

I do have a new place, but nothing’s official yet.  It’ll be good once I get it and then move into the apartment.  Because of me packing and such the muses have quieted down a bit.  Though recently they started knocking on the door once again.  I’m about half finished with my story (if 50K words is half), which means I’ll be on the downhill slope for the rest of the plot.

How are y’all doing on your stories?  Let me know!

pitching update

The night went fairly well.  I knew mine was crappy, but you gotta start somewhere.  We had to state our 1 sentence pitch and then everyone discussed it and helped get it honed into something that’s more presentable to the people who need to hear them.


We had two that decided not to attend.  One, who’s name is Bret, I don’t think was ready for the critiquing.  It seems his skin isn’t thick enough to deal with the ripping and bloodshed that happens in a working group.  Yes, he had completed his novel, but…

Still, I think it went fairly well.


Yes, I’ve reached the point of having to begin creating a pitch for my novel.  My critique group has homework, and that’s to create a 1 sentence, 1 paragraph, and 2 paragraph pitches.  You never know when you’re going to need something like that.

People always state that the one sentence pitch is the hardest.  I guess I’m not normal in for me that was the easiest thing to put down.  It also makes me wonder if my overall story is too convoluted for its own good?

I know I haven’t posted anything about my story here, it’s because I’m still working on it.  At least I’m almost half finished with it being close to 40K words.

Independence Day

Two days ago in the United States we celebrated the signing of a simple one page document that severed our ties politically with the United Kingdom.  Today we celebrate by stuffing ourselves to the point of being sick and then waiting for dusk and darkness for the local fireworks display.

If that’s on the 3rd then the next morning we get up bright and early (for me it was dark and early) and head down to the downtown area of your town to watch the parade go by.  My city has theirs starting at 9 AM and they told us to line up at, get this 7:30 AM.  I’m like, WTH?  I can understand an hour, but 7:30 was getting a bit ridiculous.

The group I was in had two vehicles and we had them ready long before it was time to load up.  We sat there complaining over city hall and how sometimes they’re so anal about everything.

Now the fireworks I saw?  Those were awesome!  I go over to the next city for their celebration.  The reason why is that my group finds seating that’s maybe 100 feet away from where they shoot off the fireworks.  And then when they go off above you, they’re low (maybe around 1000 feet).  So they end up so in your face that it’s the best thing ever!  You don’t know fireworks until you can see them explode right above you.


You know, I always enjoyed music, especially band music.  I’ve used all forms of classical music as white noise to help me in my writing.  I think what’s interesting is that a lot of people I know who write are also involved in some form of music.

treble/bass cleffTonight though was a different animal altogether.

I was listening to Wind and Rhythm tonight (a program that focuses solely on band music).  This time they focused on jazz.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like various forms of the distinctly American style of music, especially big band from the 1930s and 1940s.

This time it was soo distracting to me.  I sat there on my couch looking at my current story.  It makes me wonder if I should go ahead and turn off the radio while trying to weave my story.