word count

Now I know word count shouldn’t be all that important, but in the end we do obsess over it.  As of this moment I have a little over 35K words in my first original fiction story.  I’ve dabbled in fanfic for years, but this is the first time I took the plunge.  It’s amazing just how freeing creating your own universe is.  Although at the same time I’m writing in a historical setting with real people and events.  So it’s not so freeing as I once thought.

I’m writing about slavery and how at least one fictitious person is dealing with the realization that he owns slaves.  People automatically think it takes place in the 1860s, but it doesn’t.  It takes place over 50 years earlier and in England when the Evangelicals were pushing for reform and abolishing the slave trade.  It took from October 1805 when the first vote failed spectacularly to 1833 when slavery was officially done away with in the British Empire and all because of one man.

So if you’re thinking you can’t make a difference, I beg to differ.  William Wilberforce was one man who changed the course of the British Empire and freed millions upon millions of slaves.

Anywho back to my obsession on word count.  The more I write the more I feel I will not reach the fabled 100K word mark.  It’ll probably be somewhere between 50K and 75K.  Not bad for a first time.

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