Weekly Writing Prompt

I’m back!  Sorry about last week.  I didn’t have my computer with me.  I bet you’re asking if I had set it up for publishing while gone.  I couldn’t.  The reason why is that I’m doing the current writing prompts.

Which reminds me, here’s the next one!  As usual, I take these directly from Writer’s Digest.  You can find it here.

And if you’re too lazy to click on the link, I have it down below.

Writing Prompt: Secrets Within

The police come to your residence with a search warrant. But somewhere inside, there is something you don’t want anyone to find, ever.

Respond to the prompt in 500 words or fewer in the comments below. (I actually like how they put the instructions.  I might start adding that for now on.


Weekly writing prompt

Once again, here’s the weekly prompt from Writer’s Digest.

If you’re too lazy to click on the link *wink wink,* you’ll find it below.


Writing Prompt: Give Them a Hand

Write a scene about a conversation or another interaction, and include a focus specifically on the characters’ hands. Include the appearance of the hands, as well as the way they move and gesture. What do the hands say about the personalities involved?

As usual, please place it in the responses section.  🙂


Writing prompt

Yes, I remembered!

Just like I mentioned last Saturday, here’s the next prompt.  It’s taken straight from the Writer’s Digest website.

This one is called “spent”


Writing Prompt: Spent

He wasn’t supposed to know about that $20,000 at all, yet somehow he got his hands on it—and spent all of it in less than an hour. What the **** are we going to do now?

Put your drabbles or double drabbles in the responses, or not….  🙂

New weekley things

Not that I’ll be able to keep up with something weekly.  I really haven’t.  But since I’m officially published I’m going to try and do this on a weekly basis.

Which is:

I’m going to start posting creative writing prompts for my blog readers here.  Hopefully this will get me more active.  I’ll be getting these from Writer’s Digest.

The first one was originally posted in 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto.


Weekly Writing Prompt: Twice a Day

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Give some good advice from a completely unreliable source, and convince someone to take this advice.

Put your answer in the responses, or not.

New project(s)

Just as I published my previous manuscript I’ve already had another in the works.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that one ends up being at least 200K words.  For now I’m still trying to get into the swing of posting here on a regular basis.

Still, it’s a nice feeling that all that work has come to fruition with a novel for sale on amazon (I just checked to see if my novel is also available in the UK and Canada.  Yes it is.  🙂

Now, about my teaser earlier in this blog.  The next story will be a novelization of the Great Siege of Malta (and I’m not talking about World War II).  This took place in the spring and summer of 1565 and is considered the last great land battle of the Crusades.  The first part is already at my alpha reader and I expect her to hemorrhage all over it.  At the same time it’s probably not as bad as I think.  The more I write (and that includes fanfic) the better my vomit version (first draft) becomes.  I wonder if it should be one monster novel.  Right now I’m planning on a duology (and there’s a convenient break in the middle of the action so it would work).

Taking about fanfic, I just saw something on the local news (I only watch the local news because they really can’t swing to the extremes on either side) the VP mentioned about the creation of a new branch of the military.  I’m mentioning this because my fanfic is sci-fi while my originals are historical (go figure!)

Thing is, I need to go back to Malta for one last thing (the things we do for research), but I also need to start thinking of the following story.  That one is about a Bishop and Duke in central Italy.  That means I’ll need to travel to Italy in the near future.  Yeah, I know it’s a hard life, but someone has to do it!


Why did I pick such a twisted subject, or time period, to write about?  Every time I access something on the web I find that there’s more behind the machinations of the people during this particular time period than is humanly possible.

I could be researching this subject for years and still not find everything there is to know about it.

So I ask once again, why?

Am I just a glutton for punishment?